Eminem ready to release a new album? We know more

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are ready for the halftime of Super Bowl 2020 and it will be possible to follow the event live from France on February 2 . For its part, Eminem could return soon with a brand new album … Indeed, after the release of Revival in December 2017, which was not very well received by its audience despite great collaborations with Beyoncé or Ed Sheeran , the rapper followed in August 2018 with Kamikaze in which he settled his accounts with all those who dared to get in his way. Now very silent, he would work behind the scenes, as producer Symbolic 1 told the Hip-Hop N More website.

“I don’t have a lot of information on this but I work a lot with Eminem. The artists are always very quiet and discreet, but I just know that he has broken a lot of records, so we’ll see what he does will happen ” said the man without revealing too much. So new project for 2020 or not? For the moment, the mystery remains unresolved . In any case, his fans should once again be there to welcome possible new sounds from the Slim Shady … Meanwhile, we learned that Tom Leeb will represent France in the competition of the Eurovision 2020 and we take stock of its profile .