Justice League: Does the team have a chance to reform?

Of all the DCEU films, Justice League is probably the one that has caused the most ink. It is not so much because the end result was not up to the expectations of the public, but especially because of the existence of another version of the film. The famous Snyder Cut, a Justice League entirely produced by Zack Snyder and not Joss Whedon, supposedly better and more successful on many points. For several months, the director of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman has regularly shared images of his version. The most recent ones give an overview of battles between Batman and the parademons of Apokolips . However,Justice League may never see the light of day, and the DCEU already seems to have started again. Despite all these ups and downs, does the Justice League have a chance to meet again?

Difficult to imagine a new DCEU without a new Justice League . However, between the reception of the first film and the campaign for the Snyder Cut, we imagine that Warner Bros and DC Comics want to wait a bit before trying again. Especially since the calendar already seems busy with Shazam 2, The Flash, Black Adam , Aquaman 2 , a new film about the Birds of Prey and Harley Quinn, The Batman or The Suicide Squad. The new universe launched by The Batman could also lead to several spin-offs, including some of the emblematic enemies of the vigilante of Gotham. The DCEU will therefore neither be short of characters, nor short of stories to tell.

Warner Bros and DC Comics have also expressed the wish to bring certain characters up to date, in particular Superman. Henry Cavill, who would still be Superman if one believes the interested party, may not remain the only man of steel in the DCEU. The Batman , which we quote just above, has the potential to start a whole new universe around the Dark Knight, and even lead to a new trilogy. In addition, after the success of Joker , the studios may well want to reproduce the experience, by honoring another villain from DC Comics, in an equally dark and violent film. Could the Justice League find its place in the middle of all these projects?

For this, Warner Bros. should consider giving the Batman and Superman team a new chance. If such a thing happens, it seems obvious that the team in question will be different, and especially introduced differently. The Justice League is an important part of the DC Comics universe and, although they are spoiled by animated films, many fans are eager to find it in the cinema in live-action version. Despite everything, we tend to think that yes, the Justice League can be reformed, and that it will be really different from the previous one. When could this happen? That is the real question.