Meghan Markle about to give birth, discover her new fad for her future baby

The baby is about to arrive! While the canvas ignited after seeing this huge clue that would reveal that Meghan Markle would be about to give birth . Know that with Prince Harry, they asked a recruiting company based in Kensington, to find them the perfect candidate to look after their baby. And the Duchess of Sussex would already have a very precise idea . Indeed, one source told our Sun colleagues : “Meghan has clearly told recruiters that she would prefer an American rather than an Englishman, she wants the person to feel like a family member rather than a member of the family. uniformed personnel “.

The company looking for the perfect candidate is an agency specializing in bilingual babysitters. According to rumors, those who have the chance to take care of the baby royal could touch up to 70,000 pounds a year. He or she will also be staying in the couple’s new home at Frogmore Cottage. A source even told the English daily that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would have no problem hiring a man.