Star Wars 9: A complete makeover for the Millennium Falcon?

Little bit by little, Star Wars 9 continues to unfold in pictures. After the look of the Knights of Ren , the army of Kylo Ren aka the new Supreme Leader, in the center of the cover of the visual dictionary, it is now the turn of Lego and his sets of constructions to leave us some clues. On the images of the different game boxes shared by (see below), it seems that the Millennium Falcon has undergone some changes, starting with a brand new radar. It remains to be seen if it is simply a small freedom taken by Lego, or if the famous vessel of Han Solo will have the right to a little makeover.

You are granted, the difference is difficult to distinguish, to see too subtle. Nevertheless, the pictures of these sets highlight other ships of the film, such as the A-Wing and the Y-Wing of the Resistance, as well as a vessel of Kylo Ren. A final set also includes a wilderness chase between Rey and Stormtroopers. The action seems to be at the rendezvous! Star Wars 9 or Skywalker’s Ascension, will end the Skywalker’s arc. We therefore expect an epic episode, where action, emotion, but also surprise mix to form an unforgettable end point. Especially since there may not be a new movie Star Wars before the end of phase 4 of the MCU. Prepare for the final chapter,