Suicide Squad 2: Why are so many characters going to die?

Don’t get too attached. This is the warning that James Gunn gave when he released the official cast of Suicide Squad 2 , which will be titled The Suicide Squad . He recently went on to confirm that, yes, a large number of characters will die before the end of the film. James Gunn, who wrote and directed the film, would he have taken the term first degree suicide squad? The Suicide Squad is a very special team from the world of DC Comics . Created by Amanda Waller, who is not anything nice, it is exclusively made up of criminals with superpowers. The purpose of this group? Be used for the most dangerous missions.

DC Comics and WB’s Suicide Squad 2

The fact that many of the characters tragically disappear in The Suicide Squad will surely not surprise comic book readers. In fact, over the years and over the comic book pages, many members of Task Force X have lost their lives while working for Amanda Waller. We can therefore assume that it is because they will be sent on a very perilous mission that so many members of the Suicide Squad will die. After all, all it takes is a slightly overpowered enemy and impractical mission conditions for a tragedy to happen. Unless James Gunn decided to start from scratch?

Although The Suicide Squad follows Suicide Squad and there are several indications that it is a sequel and not a reboot , perhaps the main intrigue will revolve around the constitution of a new team . Amanda Waller had personally chosen the members of the first version of the team. This time, she might want to start from scratch, and thus expand her pool of super criminals. Two hypotheses then come to mind. To select them, Amanda Waller could test them by sending them on a mission. The survivors would thus be part of the final team. It is also a method that she has already used in the past in comic books.

The pre-selected could also be put in competition. The goal ? Let them select each other, eliminating each other. It would be a rather vicious solution, but also typical of Amanda Waller, who has the annoying tendency to serve his own interests first . In particular through the use of Task Force X. What will really happen to the members of the Suicide Squad? Which characters are going to die? Who will survive? Something tells us that the mystery will remain whole until the film arrives in dark rooms, August 4, 2021.