The Walking Dead season 10: Carol released Negan from prison according to this clue

Before anything else beware of spoilers on episode 11 of season 10 of The Walking Dead in what follows. Morning Star marked the start of a merciless clash between the Whisperers and the people of Hilltop, but that was not the only important element in the episode. We may finally know who released Negan from his prison in Alexandria thanks to a small clue subtly inserted in the episode. For some, the scene that shows Carol in front of Glenn’s portrait at Hilltop is indicative of the guilt she might feel after releasing the man who beating her.

AMC’s Show The Walking Dead Season 10: Spoiler

We indeed see the survivor looking at this portrait for a little while before going to see Daryl. And given all that Carol has done to avenge her son’s death and hurt Alpha, it could be that she was the one who got Negan out of prison asking him to kill Alpha for her . But if this is the case, we obviously imagine that Carol must also have trouble managing the guilt that accompanies her gesture. Enough to add another element to the real internal struggle that she is waging, even if for her nothing is more important than killing Alpha. We just have to wait for the next episodes of season 10 of The Walking Dead on OCS since show runner Angela Kang promised that they would reveal who released Negan.